What is Achievers’ definition?
Contributor writer: Lily Harvey MBA PMP

Achievers are mentees, no matter how successful they are now, they keep seeking and learning from someone greater to continue to be inspired and to model from. Just name a few: The Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki and his wife Kim Kiosaki. They have mentors in many areas that they want to continue to improve their ability. Kim is having a mentor on her exercise program. Robert has been considering Donald Trump his teacher in the art of doing deals, even today they have had partnerships in a few business.

Mentees or Achievers are also mentors. They are positive and action oriented. They are not only keep learning from the greater source but also teach others who would learn and benefit from their energy, knowledge skills and wisdom. The Rich Dad Robert and his wife Kim again are the greatest example in our time. While they were learning and modelling other successful people such as Donald Trump, they created Cash Flow Game and Money management program. Their educational efforts truly unleashed  locked power of many minds from the traditional mind programming. In the efforts of their own turning around, they have trained and mentored millions of achievers in the world, as a result, they have transformed lives in millions, included their own!
What about you? You can too if you take actions!

Role of the Mentee
As a mentee, you will play many different roles during the course of your mentoring relationship. The following are some important roles for you to keep in mind:

Mentee Achiever be a Driver of Relationship
Identify the skills, knowledge, and/or goals that you want to achieve and communicate them to your mentor. Bring up new topics that are important to you at any point and give feedback to your mentor.

Mentee Achiever be a Development Planner
Maintain a mentoring plan and work with your mentor to set up goals, developmental activities, and time frames.

Mentee Achiever be a Resource Partner
Work with your mentor to seek resources for learning; identify people and information that might be helpful.

Mentee Achiever be a Teacher
Look for opportunities to give back to your mentor; share any information that you think might be valuable.

Mentee Achiever be a Continuous Learner
Take full advantage of this opportunity to learn, to practice and to mentor. 

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