Achievers Meet Opportunities

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this  blog  from some of our Independent Associates’  do not necessarily reflect the views of any of the following company, or any other party or affiliate.

2013 THREE Achievers’ Biz Opportunities

1. Join CoolTraderPro: This is the greatest robotics trading tool in the history. It empowers users to focus on investing without glue to the market nor cost or time to overcome the learning curve. It is tied with money management safety and higher winning probability.

How? Become an associate of Lily’s team of Cool Trader Pro as the stock market player (with this software, your robotics will do it all) as well as referral biz. Take a look at the links to give you snap shot – then make a name list of those whom you see fit to invite them to Join Lily’s Team at our webinars, to meet the inventor and founders first hand. Who wish to be a leader to build your team, contact Lily. Lily will personally take time to help you and mentor you. Here is the link, once open,  click on top 3 links.  (All contact info also incl.)
If you wish to gain access to Lily Harvey’s mentorship, sign up with Lily.


  • 149.00 application fee to become an associate, to get the software deal of 2Y FREE subscriptions. Value of the deal savings are 12K in the past and will be 4500.00 now and future since the founders bring down the price to empower more users. CoolTraderPro Software cost 3500 comes w. 1Y subscription
  • FREE to become Lily’s CTEA Member (Cool Trader Executive Associate) first year if you are the software owner. Without ownership of the software, a complimentary listing will be from now to March 31th. Our labour of Love is to help you to start this awesome biz with less or no cost at the beginning to generate momentum.


2. Join Lyoness: This is a greatest system in humanity with integration of saving, growing biz and do good together GLOBALLY result win-win-win. It likes a solar energy generator or wind mill energy generator, once setup, it generates money non stoppable if shopping is every human being’s daily life, through shopping community network.

How? Become a FREE member of Lyoness shopping community. The benefit like airmiles, but fundamentally powerful through the ability to accumulate loyalty savings from your up lines AND your down lines, same for you being beneficial to your down lines and your up lines. We like chained up as a shopping community to get products with more immediate cash back + accumulative loyal savings that forms units that will connected to your up lines and down lines. This second part will be something any other biz models so far never done it. PLUS, you will earn 0.5% friendship bonus on every single person you referred to become FREE member or prime member of this shopping community. This 0.5% goes deep for 2 layers only. The money of this 0.5% Friendship bonus is coming from the merchants, a small portion from their advertising savings. Imagine your referred friend purchased a 20K car from a Lyoness Merchant car dealer, your 0.5% will be significant. Imagine you referred a friend Tom, Tom owns a hotel, Tom becomes a member of Lyoness, he refers his hotel to be Lyoness member and merchant, Tom’s hotel has 100 rooms and each rent out average 100 per night, wow, then each day is 100X100=10,000 transaction if it is full. Then Tom gets 0.5% and you get 0.5% would be 500.00 per night for each of you and Tom personally. This is on and on even if Tom sells his hotel some day, that 0.5% to Tom and you personally will not change, unless this hotel no more in business. Even this hotel goes out of business, the people were signed up and given the Free member card, as long as they shopping, their accumulative loyal commission and your up lines, will always connect with yours, keep growing -non stoppable. why? think about someone good at using air miles card to get a lot of free lights, do you think they would quite use the air miles card? They won’t. So this card with far superior connecting and accumulative power, members once get the concept and good will money from this connected system, they will never want to miss out to use it when open their wallet.

Cost for FREE Member : Cost is 0.00. 
To initiate become officially a member need deposit 300.00 to your own Lyoness account to purchase a gift card.

Cost for Prime Member : Cost is 0.00
Require do a down payment for your own future purchase of 3000.00 They are down payment for your future purchase deposit to your own Lyoness account, categorized into 7units (unit worth 75.00) in accounting level I, 3 units (unit worth 225.00) in accounting level II and 3 units (unit worth 600.00) in accounting level III. These are your money in your Lyoness account.

Therefore, shopping with your membership card to save and accumulate your loyal commission and two layers of friendship bonus is the magic key.

Need further clarification and learn more, please do call 604.282.6665; or 602.507.9681


3. Join ACN: This is a business model of turning your utilities incl your phones into your assets. This company has been creating success and wealth for many years, and backed and admired by many industrial leaders incl. Donald Trump.

Why ACN? Check out this link.

How? Start with an audit to your usage of utilities by using this Cost survey sheet for cost auditing of utilities and tel. communication usage. If you feel paying too much, email us at:  or, just call Canada: 604.282.6665; call us in USA: 602.507.9681

Cost for Savers : Cost is 0.00

Cost for running as a home business : Cost is One time set-up application fee of under 600.00. Options of certain monthly fee may apply so final total would be accordingly.

Overall Remember,
Success starts from reach out – ask you shall receive.

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