Six Essentials in Life

Six Essentials in Life: Eat, Drink, Breath, Rest, Exercise and Think

Understand our brain and learn to enhance its wellness
– a new found website
How many of us know that our biggest obstacle is from not understand how our brain function, not aware that biggest trickster is our monkey minds. Many thoughts and feeling are generated from these monkey minds under the cover of as if they are from you and for your best interest.

Well, if you act on your mind telling you what to do, result happiness and abundance for you and people around you, then you know, this mind is likely your true friend.

What about the action led from your mind generate negative impact on your own and others, then you know you have hidden enemy inside of your brain. Kill it or transform it or live peace with it by do the opposite: your choice.
If you pay attention, you can figure this out!

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