Follow the Light at twitter_LilyHarvey

Lily Harvey welcomes our blog Viewers, Success & Happiness Seekers
to follow her @  and

Lily Harvey is one of the consistent contributors to this blog.

Lily has an active background of an engineer, business professional, project management professional, community leader, investor, like many of you: A Seeker of Life Purpose. Overall she is a business coach who will put you on the driver’s seat and show you the way!

Lily believes in that all beings can perfect its wealth and abundance through self intentional development of the following three processes:

1. Grow Spirit of Light by following the light and share the light*
( * the light of seeing the true meaning of life and wealth on earth+the meaning beyond)

2. Grow Midas Touch of a butterfly effect through fine-tuning the inner gentleness
and the sense/ability of uncovering beauty in everything

3. Grow Strength of a rock and an anchor through doing to cause
positive support and empowerment to self and others

Lily and her team are looking forward to your twits!

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