Meeting Benefits lists Events and BusinessSeminar sponsored by our associates. Our common goal is to help you learn more about business in our fast changing world, make good friends and learn new BusinessOpportunities.

Our economy is not in the top condition. Many of our members and friends changed jobs for whatever reason. Some businesses closed. Many are seeking better way of a balanced FinancialFreedom life.

We encourage everyone to come to make friends and learn new ways of SavingMore and MakingMore or even create your own job regardless what mother language you may have. your own mother language can be an advantage for you even your English may not be the best. At the same time, come make new friends and have a good time.

In order to make it convenient for our club members, associates and friends, more meetings in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby are scheduled. In the near future, these meetings will be in all languages. Maybe you become part of our DoveClubs team and associate team, help to make this happen! Come to learn, share and shine!

Meeting Benefits:
– Get connected with energetic people
– Get to learn the latest about today’s business world – you would never never learn from school or from job.
– Get chance to learn from experts
– Get support team
– Get opp. to new biz or new and better jobs
– Get short cut of your learning curve in all aspects
and much more…
Before come to the meeting, your intention also important to manifest a great benefit for you. Listen to the 10m’ audio-meditation from this link, may help you amazingly.


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