Resources – for your due diligence and careful consideration:

Lyoness website
– to have an overview of what Lyoness services do and who they are.

Lyoness current Merchant Members
– to find your frequent shopping stores. At the current time, before the Lyoness swipe card machine comes into these stores., your shopping likely will capture ALL benefits of, not only establish a Lyoness passive income machine, but also the regular store benefits. As new members, we are still learning. So far, the Petro-Canada gift card can re-load cash after the initial gift card used up.To learn more and more accurate information, come to a Lyoness weekly member Free presentation, by RSVP:  Contact us.

– to find how to capture the same business advantages like the big store of Canadian Tire, Earl restaurant, or Petro-Canada, as a small or mid-size entrepreneur, YOU TOO CAN become a merchant on the Lyoness global map to brand and market your services and products! Want to learn How? Contact us.

Lyoness International Presence
– to look through entire page, to find the countries where you have ties and loved ones. It is your time and opportunity to share this fortunate business model info with them, to help them as well as grow your wealth and strength to help more of our world. Once you decide to help your loved ones overseas, we will show you and assist you to communicate with them effectively to help them to make an educated decision.
Need some FREE* help?  Contact us.

– Definition of *FREE –
– Contributor Writer: Lily Harvey MBA PMP

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