Definition of *FREE

– Definition of *FREE –
– Contributor Writer: Lily Harvey MBA PMP

Free is a wonderful word that make our heats sing. Especially when it means Financial Freedom! Mobility Freedom! Free gifts, etc. Then do we know or consciously realize THE GREATEST FREE GIFTS that all of us have received are: Talents, Love and Abundance supply from the universe creator-God, Life form and Love from our parents. May we never take all these amazing miracle Free Gifts for granted!

We must pay greatest respect and gratitude towards true and generous secondary FREE things in life, especially FREE Time, Free Knowledge, Free TLC (Tender Loving Care).
All these secondary FREE things come from the roots of 1. The miracle gifts, 2. Our Time – As many of you have awakened to this wisdom and truth that Time is more valuable then gold or diamonds. Because our each individual’s time is non-replaceable.

Therefore, we must always seek our hearts, to find good reason for everything we do. Once we find good reason and good project, then we need to have a great intention to follow through! Otherwise, it will waste our time and time of those help us generously. As we know now that time is the unit formed our existence on earth! Treat it with great respect.

Following are the tips for not wasting our lives nor others:

Whatever we do, always add value to our lives and lives of others!
The more we add the value to our universe, the more we will receive.

-Always focus on looking for good things to do in life, admire successful people, model them and create our own.
-Always amplify the goodness we have noticed or received with gratitude, tell others that they have great smile, give recognitions!
-Always change our ways to do things if old ways did not work things out well; complains just steal our time or our life.
-Always trust love prevails. Never hold our kindness back. Any rootless doubt is one of the negative ways to break the person down and keep the person small.
– More tips are coming.

Also, please email us your tips that have helped you a great deal! Contact us:)

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