Exam the passive income business models

Many brilliant business minds in the history had invented many Passive Income business models. Unfortunately, more or less, all were over powered their structure for the focus on  the pressure driven monthly sale requirement. Too much pressure often causes pain in life.

The following Lyoness model is totally different – no more annual fee for ordinary discount shopping use, no more time limit on pushing the spending – all bonus or reward from spending from self and sponsored members are accumulatively with Unlimited time frame, whenever is the convenience of the members.

Watch their business model from one of the webinars or in person meetings, you will get the overview and also get to ask your questions directly.

From Lily’s visionary perspective, a truly successful business should totally focus on serve the best interest of people, better our environment, problem solving, transforming lives and minds with loving midas touch. NOT Causing new problems.

Success starts from reach out – ask you shall receive.

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