The Magic of Love & Action

After reading the poem, watch the short videos at the bottom of this page:)

What Love and Action can do?
Together, they lift up spirit of all beings – hearts, leaves, rocks, ocean and earth…
Together, they transform lives, environments, colours of energies…

Love without action, fading and die
Love with action, happiness glows, abundance grows endlessly

Then, what is Love? From all saints’ enlightenment, we are all connected.
Love is not just love one person, love some others, nor just love self alone.
The ultimate Love is Love and Care for all beings, have faith in all beings
– from within to external,
to all and it must start from Loving and believing in yourself:
Your purpose of life is to create happiness by living in the state of happiness,
gratitude and taking the actions to do great things:)

Following video clips are Lyoness’ Love and Actions. They will make you smile:

Success starts from reach out – ask you shall receive.


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