May 13 2012 Sunday  Meet Lyoness Founder & CEO Hubert Freid and his Team

For those attended, we know that we are the chicks on the way to learn to fly high, for those missed this life time event, the only way to break your mind chain is to Stop being busy like chicken got heads cut off! Look UP!… Take Action to Follow the courageous chicks with big hearts and big Love to learn flying high with ease and life style! Need help to break your chain? When the hearts are ready, the teacher will appear. Take action!

Helping hands coming soon…

Lily interpreting English to Mandarin for Lyoness Founder Hubert, an amazing eGlobal doBiz and doGood Visionary. Left side of Lily: Hubert Freidl  Founder of Lyoness

Team builders and Leaders

Hard work Camera crews

Amazing Young Canadian Lyoness Super Star.
Welcome to Canada, beautiful Lyoness ladies from Austrian:)

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